Obsessed! has been unexpectedly interrupted for weeks, and I don’t know when it’s coming back. 
Iconic Moments, Red Carpet Looks, & The Slap!
The Six-Month Anniversary Issue of Obsessed!
& Why Bruce Wayne Should Listen To Chromatica
The SAG Awards recap! Plus, an update on Fezco and a note to Ben Affleck.
Plus, A Review Of The Film, CODA
Plus, A Few Reviews of Oscar-Nominated Films
Y2K and '90s Celebs Are Back In The Headlines!
plus, Jeopardy Excitement and What To Watch
And Finding It In The Life Of André Leon Talley, Jeopardy Fashion, A Sraight Drag Queen, and Choir Practice In Arkansas
plus, Ye Says Pretty Woman, Jamie Lynn Spills, and Celeb Couples Shock
Andy Cohen's Drunken Discontent and Betty White's Cock-Eyed Optimism